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Why are we different?

Start Where you are and come to EXPLORE HATTA

Do it All Mountain or Farm

 We are a tours and safari operator that will take you through unforgettable adventures and experiences in Hatta.

Our passionate and professional team comes from diversified  background that will help you design and choose the best tour package around the area catered to you.

 We are from Hatta! That's why  our understanding of the local culture and nature elements of Hatta along the competitive rates make us the best tour guides operator in town.

Our product & services offer a wide range of selection to choose from including holiday destination packages for groups, tours, sightseeing excursions, and sports activities you will only experience in beautiful Hatta.


Do it All Mountain or Farm

Start Where you are and come to EXPLORE HATTA

Do it All Mountain or Farm

Adventure experience that takes you through unique sports which you will find only in Hatta where you have the chance to do kayaking, hiking and mountain biking in an integrated experience.

Duration: 3 - 4 hours

Price: 130 AED/Pax


Start Where you are and come to EXPLORE HATTA

Start Where you are and come to EXPLORE HATTA

Start Where you are and come to EXPLORE HATTA

Lets Learn about its history, nature, people, customs and tradition by visiting its heritage village, ancient archaeological tombs, farms and Honey Park. .


Duration: 3 -4 hours

Price: Starting from 200 AED/Pax


Please Note that the above prices will include 5% VALUE ADDED TAX. And the above packages are subject to daily schedule morning or afternoon sessions.

Mountain Slide Zorbing

Mountain Slide Zorbing

Mountain Slide Zorbing


Slide like never before

55 AED for one ride

85 AED for two rides

Minimum Age : 5 years old

Gel Ball

Mountain Slide Zorbing

Mountain Slide Zorbing


Live shooting game as real

85 AED per person

Duration : 20 Minutes only

Minimum Age : 8 years old

Football Zorbing

Football Zorbing

Football Zorbing


Wear bubble, Challenge to stand & score

35 AED per person

Duration : 15 Minutes only

Minimum Age : 6 years old

Do it all

Football Zorbing

Football Zorbing


135 AED per person

***NEW***Food Packages

Be fit and healthy

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 We love to hear about the experience that you experience in our sports activity. Send us a message, and I will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Can we bring our own bicycle and use the track you have? 

Yes, you can use the Hatta mountain trail track at Wadi Hub

Can we hike together with our pet? 

Not Advisable

What is the minimum age for the mountain hike? 

16 years old and above 

Are we allowed to take drone during mountain hike? 

No, its a restricted area.

Do you have a camping place? 

Yes, located at Hatta Wadi hub.

Is equipment provided during the activity? 

Yes. Hiking sticks,Elbow and Knee pads, Helmets and bicycles will be provided.

Is the Mountain hike good for 50 years old up? 

Not advisable

Do you have a bicycle for kids?

No, we don’t have since the track is for adults.

I don’t know biking can I have two activity only?

Yes, You can purchase 2 packages

I don’t prefer Hiking, but I would like to have biking and kayaking is it allowed?

Yes, You can purchase 2 packages

My family will do 3 activity (Do it all) but I would like to join them in Hiking is it allowed? 

Yes, allowed

What is the last booking in the morning and afternoon session of the activity?

We have morning session 8:00am and afternoon session 12:30 PM. ( 4.00PM -Only Farm Hiking and Farm Biking.)

We are a company that will organize an event for the employee what is the best offer we can get? 

We offer 15% off discount for companies and schools. Call - email us to send you the form.

Is the water or energy drink provided? 

We give complimentary water only

Do we need to bring our own snacks? 

Yes, you can bring your own snacks

Is there any activity that includes lunch or dinner? 

We only serve water.

We would like to have a corporate event competition can you provide lunch for us? 

This service not available yet.

Is the track of the mountain hike hard? 

Not hard, but it's challenging.

I have surgery in my back can I join with my group in the mountain hikes?

Not advisable